January 20, 2009

Provocation Dreams - Fashion comes served Dada and Surrealism to surprise us

Marc Jacobs plays with a curious overlap in provocative clothing painted.

Cruise 2008 collection of Balenciaga looking for a touch of humor based on a feminine silhouette style andalusia Mae West.

"Lips Sofa" Dali based on its box that appears on "Face of Mae West that can be used as apartment surreal."

Perfume bottle for Eau de Dali, by Salvador Dalí.

Marc by Marc Jacobs presents a pamela inverted homage to Elsa Schiaparelli, combined with a black paste maxi glasses.

Alexander McQueen is in favor of a dragonfly touched metal, inspired by the creations of Philip Tracy.

Philip Tracy and the late Isabella Blow inspire Marc Jacobs played in this style "Cartoon."

The work of Belgian painter Rene Magritte's surrealist symbolizes the current century.

Prada accessories surrealists like this raises leather shaped clock.

Fuchsia version of the bracelet watch Prada's collection for S/S 2008.

Details of the bracelet watch, designed by Miuccia Prada. A "must have" for this season.

Details of the painting "Soft Clocks", by Salvador Dalí (1931).

Marc Jacobs designed a transparent bag that incorporates a smaller mode of application.

Louis Vuitton launched a smile to get a bag that incorporates an original cartoon drawing style retro.

Louis Vuitton also plays with the overlap of bags in different sizes.

The Dada was a movement that emerged antiarte to seek provocation. Image of "Fountain" by Marcel Duchamp.

Glasses and black butterfly pasta gradient lenses, Carolina Herrera.

Carolina Herrera with a surprising ultra chic design reminiscent of the beautiful wings lepidopterans.

Marc Jacobs leads the ways impossible to shoes, with a shoe heel invested.

Detail of a shoe impossible fuchsia color and black with a platform of vertigo, Alexander McQueen.

Leather sandals with floral heels of wood, Miu Miu.

Bubblegum pink quilted coat with application in the form of violin, Viktor & Rolf.

Viktor & Rolf recreates the dream world of dreams in a coat with floral and applications cascade ruffles.

The American photographer Man Ray was an integral part of the dadaist movement of the twentieth century.

Photos via vogue.es

Back in the eighties, was looking for bold fashion statement in large areas of flesh. Skinny clothes fit the body, showing the curves of women in a very explicit and leaving little to the imagination. No doubt, times have changed, and today the concept of provocation to fashion has been substantially modified. Indeed, anyone who enjoy the art of dressing, it does so to generate a sense of indifference. After all, we all seek to achieve any other open mouth with models our last spring.
How do the most creative talents? Catwalk designers use artistic disciplines of the twentieth century, in particular of Surrealism and Dada, on a series of rub-ons that are impossible with the most exquisite madness. Thus, high-heeled shoes from Marc Jacobs invested remind us of the troubled mind of Salvador Dalí, while the violins used in candy pink coat from Viktor & Rolf are inspired by the photographic work of Ray May, based on the current century Dadaísta past.
Similarly, the spectacular headgear that arise from the collections of the dolphin Vuitton and Alexander McQueen, looking with a smile launched a concept of genius it takes to Isabella Blow, the late director of Tatler magazine and the work of Philip and Tracy starting point.
From Lips Sofa Schiaparelli andalusia toilet Fountain by Marcel Duchamp, through the dream world of Belgian artist Rene Margrit. Her is show the way in which the bearers of eccentricity have determined the look of the new spring collections.


Couture Carrie said...

Oh wow darling! You really did your research here - this is an amazing collection of surreal fashions and art objects!


P.S. Got your Obama request and I will need to do a bit of research, then get back to you :)

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