May 9, 2009

We're going to picnic!

The floral prints and paintings are combined with cotton for a more rustic style bucolic and very romantic.
Besides the new woman sexy, strong and sure of herself that was imposed this summer, designers, Marc Jacobs at the helm, have been proposed to move their collections to the English countryside, tracing the lines of a woman bohemia , bucolic and very natural.
It is in the countryside where the flow comes a whole new wave of clothes with floral prints, light cottons in natural colors and accessories made of wood and raffia. They all seek the same slogan: naturalness romantic version.
Fashion chains to emulate the greats, like Roberto Cavalli and Burberry Prorsum, betting strongly by this trend, including its proposals on women's pieces, delicate and with a certain air vintage.

Marc Jacobs comprises a patchwork of prints of paintings, textured fabrics and lots of raffia with a romantic and surprising result in equal.
This picnic basket Mimótica Micola bag will serve as a key summer picnic.
Great fabric flowers in pastel shades and long strings of pearls is the winning combination of this bucolic Mango necklace.
H&M trend reinterprets this romantic dress neckline word of honor.
These beige shoes Mango contrasts with the brightly colored stripes. The heel completes the look of wood campestre.
Anthropologie takes the trend in book form of folk.
The flowers of soft gauze dresses Roberto Cavalli seemed taken from an enchanted forest.
This turquoise necklace Bimba & Lola will bucolic touch to your look without excesses.
The embossed type used to cut the Liberty shirt stamped with minivolantes of Armand Basi.
This portfolio of raffia embroidered white flowers complement your outfit.
The spring also appeals to cosmetics, as in the packaging of fresh milk pearl flower Cherry L'Occitane.
The hat campestre par, the canotier in updated version of the hand of Mühlbauer.
Soft colors and cuts are the key to comprehensive collection of Burberry Prorsum Spring.
For cool summer nights, nothing better than this abriguito stamping Hoss Intropía.
Abroad and within, as in this set of two pieces of Lencero Mango.
The floral is the key to this romantic Merceditas toned blue Kling.
The tables also conquer the bucolic look, as in this bag Hoss Intropía.
Pants, such as wire frame Mango, also have a place in this style.


janettaylor said...

Beautiful selection! :)


cherie said...

wow i definitely love this!

Couture Carrie said...

What a fabulous post! Love the runway inspirations, and the picnic basket is fantastic! I totally need that H&M dress too!


Some Like it Vintage said...

Love the Marc Jacobs line. Fabulous vintage reflections but enough modern to make it so chic! Great post!

Virgos Lounge said...

very cute!!

Style Porn said...

I love all these pieces! What a cool post!

tanya said...

you are so right--this screams picnic! I love it :-)

Brigadeiro said...

GORGEOUS! I especially love the basket & the Burberry Prorsum :)

Flashes of Style said...

Aww love this! Especially the florals :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful ...... :)

Hanh said...

These pieces are beautiful!
Love, xoxo

Anonymous said...

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