July 1, 2009

Ancestral Nile

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Slaves, gladiator sandals and Egyptian-inspired clothing that make us dream.
Some people are inspired by the excessive eighties, in the fringes 20'so casual hippies in Woodstock. Meanwhile, other designers to use more distant elements that make us dream of ancient cultures in terms of gold and precious stones. Thus, firms such as Balmain, Sophia Kokosalaki, Temperley London, and Ralph Lauren to take Ramses, Tutankhamun and Cleopatra as a symbolic benchmark and tunic dresses in bathroom designs that are inspired, no less, that the culture and art of the all - Pharaohs.
This is all very well but how do we keep this trend of sophisticated practice? Not so complicated. Golden-yourself accessories check out our post on the trend-bling as slaves, maxibrazaletes, sandals and boots open style gladiator. You can achieve this look through skirts and smock tops in colors that exhibit energy crystals and studs like a pyramid.
The Egyptian style is even the new hairstyles of the season. For example, the stylist Orlando Pitta was responsible for designing the very chic and stunning Nefertiti collected Accompanying seductive proposal short of Christian Dior. Do not miss 22 looks specifically dedicated to egiptomanía.

Bridge designers are inspired by ancient Egypt and the combined maxi collars inspired tunic dress with Cleopatra. Here is the black & gold version of Andrew GN.

Slaves and 2 illustrate a trend maxibrazaletes metal that makes us dream. Yves Saint Lauren makes Nile crocodiles in an accessory "must-have."

Sophia Kokosalaki is a minivestido bling of V-shaped neckline that showcases an elaborate stamping based on the ancient Egyptian culture.

The opulence of the Egyptian culture and the legacy of the pharaohs gold designs inspired by the new season.

Stylist Orlando Pita is responsible for creating new looks for Egyptian Christian Dior.

Peinado "Nefertiti chic created by Orlando Pita, the collection for Christian Dior spring-summer 2009.

Nefertiti becomes the starting point and inspiration for the new collection of Christian Dior.

Balmain part of the eagles that appear in the Egyptian hieroglyphs and includes them in his clothes with black studs.

Version turquoise dress with jewel reasons Egyptians, Balmain's collection for spring-summer 2009.

Detail of hieroglyphics that underlie the refined and beautiful dresses for Christopher Decarnin Balmain.

Anna Sui maxicollares reinterprets the Egyptians and the original proposal went to a bathroom equipped with color energy.

Anna Sui combines looks Egyptian sandals to boots, gladiator style, and tacks.

Ra, God of the sun, in this bracelet designed by Erickson Beamon.

Details of the electric blue back in the Erickson Beamon cuff.

Ralph Lauren uses sophisticated turbans and slaves from the Far East gold Egyptian style.

Treasures of Egypt are made up of spectacular works of art made of gold and stones like lapis lazuli. Celestina design a bracelet with a wooden oval shaped stone.

Cleopatra-style dress with gold Bustier of Philosophy by Alberta Ferretti.

Temperley London joins the egiptomanía white dress with an asymmetrical neckline and inspiration of Ramses.

Benjamin Cho shows a taste for the price on its pharaonic minivestidos cutting metal pipe applications.

Spikes from the banks of the Nile are present in this dress from Temperley London.

21 look is a Vena Cava dress straps with studs like pyramids.

Crystals and embossed own hieroglyphics on the proposal this summer for Zac Posen.


Savvy Mode SG said...

wow lovely post. one place i always wanted to visit is egypt. i can spend hours in a museum looking at ancient artifacts.

Robynne said...

So into the egyptian/grecian/tribal stuff thats out right now! Great Post!! Thanks

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Bangles and Anna Sui gladiators are really cool!



Sandra said...

I just love old glorious Egypt!! Breathtaking...I want to see the origin! :)

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I'm feeling it. I love the long white dress and all the cuffs. I live in gold gladiators. Amazing post, as always my dear.

Lily G. said...

Yay for your new header! I am totally loving these Egyptian inspired looks!


sexyinthecity said...

amazing post one more time!!
love egyptian style, I'm in love with the first dress from Andrew GN...beautiful! And the maxibrazaletes are amazing! you give me an outfit inspiration with this pieces!!


Kristin said...

I've always been fascinated by pharaohs and Egyptian princesses. GORGEOUS post!

Pamela said...

love love all the inspiration!
nice post tho! :D

Iva said...

WOW!! What GORGEOUS pieces!!


Diego R. Wyatt said...

My mother is from Cairo, and I am an Egyptomaniac! I love love love the white Temperley London gown, as well as the stunning accessories inspired by Egypt. I also love Orlando Pita's interpretation of Egyptian headress.

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Ela said...

I love this post - so many pieces I would love to have! That first black & gold tunic dress, those purple gladiators are such fun and that grey dress is divine!

zupu said...

You always manage to make such gorgeous posts dear! So beautiful, I'm definitely inspired!

Susan said...

I'm in love with ancient Egypt. great post (as always)- the dior-hair is my favorite :)

Couture Carrie said...

Genius post, darling! Loving all these Egypt-inspired looks, and the huge cuffs are so beautiful!

Btw, new header looks fantastic!


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Enjoyed this post lots! That cuff is so amazing! Love Egyptian-inspired style.

xo, Becs

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OMG cool accesories!!!!!!xoxo


Great post!!!

The Fashion Inquisitor said...

This is such a complete amazing post =]
I find it amazing how many different things originally get their inspiration from ancient civilizations such as ancient Egypt
Great post+Great Pictures=Amazed

Hanako66 said...

what a cool post...I love the egyptian influence!


Thank you darling! This is such a fabulous post...Golden! I would love to travel on the Nile one day!

Elizabeth Marie said...

I have been lusting after that entire Balmain collection since it came out! Love it!XO

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This is such a brilliant post..very into all the tribal/egyptian look oh and those runway hairstyles are wonderful so crazy!

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Laura Trevey said...

Fabulous post!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love everytinh inspired by Egypt, it's such an inspiring country! Full of beautiful history! Thanks for sharing!

xxx Thaïs


Peter Breese said...

Nice, beautiful pics and nice comparisons to ancient Egypt.

Slices of Beauty... said...

Love that you always go the extra mile, love you for that!

Happy Friday.

E said...

Love those sequin Balmain dresses!

proudly says, said...

gorgeous post!

i love all outfits!
it's so ethereal!

Sherin said...

The egyptian look is fabulous. I didn't reallise how much of todays fashion was based on this. I love that first dress.

The Seeker said...

What a gorgeous post, dear!
Love the concept and the stuff you picked.

Have a great weekend




Lily said...

oh my god, EVERYTHING is so amazing. Those blue gladiator sandals are surreal (I think my boyfriend would break up with me if I got them). Great post.

♥ Marta ♥ said...

beautiful choices...very inspiring :)

Dane said...

I love all the cuffs, amazing. I just made a dress last week thats toga like.. grecian/goddessy is such a timeless look and sooo sexy isnt it?


MITICA said...

LOOVE the inspiration and the first one dress is stunning!!

michellehendra said...

greatttt greatttt post!!!!! :)