August 7, 2009



On the 40th anniversary of the legendary festival recover everything in a style that marked an era.
40 years ago, a couple of friends from New York who used to go to the meadows of Woodstock to escape the harsh events that hit the American imagination, thought it would be a good idea to organize some open-air concerts in the area and invite musicians premises. But what they ended up going out of their hands. And how. During the 3-day festival, more than half a million people lived collective ecstasy and delivered entirely hedonistic enjoyment of music and relaxing life. The year was 1969 and the hippie movement was born.
And there, among pacifist slogans and much rock & roll, a new aesthetic was imposed in relay to cut trapeze minivestidos so characteristic of the 60: the long dresses of fabrics lightweight jackets and suede boots with fringes, oversize glasses round, and especially the flowers in all its manifestations, came to stay for many years. The change affects not only the courts of fashion, but also supposed to release the woman's body, which never would be constrained by uncomfortable underwear silhouettes or compromised. Freedom with a capital "was born in Woodstock, and we have not been abandoned. (via

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Milly also declines the particular aesthetics of the festival hippie dress code.

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The American national anthem will never be the same again after that Jimmy Hendrix is disrupted at the festival armed with only his guitar and his wonderful talent.
Without doubt, was one of the great performances, not just the festival, but the career of musician.

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The designer Diane Von Furstenberg is the most fervent defender of the reissue of the spirit of the festival. Its psychedelic caftans stamping as evidenced.

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Roberto Cavalli also applies to accessories of the highest-colorful festival power.

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Can this foundation of Benefit you feel just one more. But we love the musical design of its packaging.

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Hat natural fiber wing-wide fall due, of course, was a basic kit Woodstock. The image is of the Emilio Pucci.

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The oscarizado director Ang Lee released in a short film inspired by the festival.

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The dresses had their own code to be long, light fabrics and floral prints. Leaves of Grass as effectively reinterprets after 40 years.

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How pleased were those attending the festival if Kate Moss has become fashionable Katiuska the time. The Hunter had been a good antidote to the quagmire.

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The only rule was valid in Woodstock love. Calls for him with this shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs.

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Oliver Peoples reinterprets the silhouette in the seventies sunglasses round lens.

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The performance of Janis Joplin was a veritable earthquake in the festival. Today is one of the most memorable singer.

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The spirit indeed collar flower power in the hands of Missoni.

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Suede boots with fringes, so fashionable now, are a real must for the time. The image is of Minnetonka.

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A big bag of leather, like this See by Chloe, was the best ally to keep everything they needed for three days without rest.

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The classic Volkswagen van, a vehicle made in Woodstock, par excellence, as reinvented by Urban Outfitters bowl.


Giovanna said...

Lovely post! I Love to get inspired by that era!! 60's and 70's are the best of fashion!
Boho Market

Make Do Style said...

I'll take the DVF kaftan, Oliver People's sunglasses, See by Chloe bag and the necklace to go with my hunters boots here at home! I'll zip off in the VW camper van....

bookmanie said...

Good, still pictures and beautiful themes ... A bientôt, Bookman.

bookmanie said...

Good, still pictures and beautiful themes ... A bientôt, Bookman.

modediktat said...

Hey sweetie,
WOW - what a HUGE posting! 40 years of Woostock... I've seen the trailer of Ang Lee's film here as well, soem simple and basic facts I didn't know about planning the festival. The owner of this historical place is now living in NYC?!...
You've picked out some very fabulous items! I love the dress very much! Guess, we will see this style next Summer again ;)
Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
xoxo, Sofie

Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling! What fun fashion theme! Love DVF's hippie chic!


Savvy Gal said...

what a cute post. i simply adore the first dress by Milly. have a great weekend.

nookie said...

love the pink dress

Elizabeth Marie said...

What an awesome post!!!! You know how much I love DVF!!


Kristin said...

If I weren't already a boho chic convert, I would be after this gorgeous post!

The Starving Stylist said...

what a beautiful explosion of vibrant colour in this collection! I love it.

Brigadeiro said...

Those Hunter wellies are so cute! And the Benefit in vinyl/record packaging is even more so! :)

Zapatista said...

what a fabulous post! I'm so excited for this movie to come out!

Gabbi said...

Lovely inspirations and finds! My most favorite is the little van bowl... xo

yiqin; said...

The DVF dress is so pretty.

Anonymous said...

great post! love your blogs!

Dumbwit Tellher ♥ said...

Terrific post & great picks. Those certainly were the days!
Now I want some Minnetonka's again!

Slices of Beauty... said...

The DVF kaftan and the wellies for me too, delightful!

janettaylor said...



JennyMac said...

WHile it is all a bit wild for me, I love that it was so edgy and artistic at that time and now. Great post.

Niki B. said...

YES! i'm so happy you posted minnetonka booties haha

i've had them for years and they're so comfortable. cool post!


thesydneygirl said...

what a lovely post! yes the 60s lives on!!! i love it.


J. said...

I love the Marc Jacobs tshirt!

Anonymous said...

Thats interesting I've never really heard the term "woodstock" used before I would of called this look Bohemian. I loved dvfs s/s 09 collection this year..the makeup, hair, head pieces, clothes - everything was amazing.

sherin said...

Woodstock was all about freedom and just being young. I love the 1960's fashion and you've picked out some great stuff.

mom & son said...

great post, my dear!
the benefit powder is so cute!
i love that truck bowl for mr. freddy.


When I was in art school, I used to buy vintage from this era...brought some nice memory indeed darling! Hope you are having a great weekend~


The Haute-Shopper said...

Great post! Love these Woodstock hippy looks. That Missoni chain is adorable and I'm loving all the dresses you posted. Oh, and the VW is definitely iconic... especially if you paint giant retro prints on it. Hope you're having a lovely weekend my dear!

cody said...

lovely post...<3


Susan said...

what a wonderful-wonderful post, darling! Jimi and Janis... they are my inspiration! thank you for sharing this.
have a lovely week, xoxo

La Dauphine said...

Love this post! So inspired.

Dane said...

Woodstock is love! I was totally born in the wrong era.. This is a lovely post, now Im gonna go listen to Janis, Jefferson Airplane and Jimi Hendrix and bask in the glory of all its hippy-ness.

thesydneygirl said...

i tagged u darling! x

Sandra said...

Oh, just BEAUTIFUL!!! Viva La Woodstok!! Love, piece and music!

* prijatelji me zovu 'koncertuša', sve ti je jasno...:D

pozz iz Zagreba

Carlotta said...

gorgeous post!!

Montreal Fashion Minds said...

Very cool post! Love the packaging for the Benefit foundation, so cute!

~Montreal Fashion Minds is BACK!!~

Join the Gossip said...

It's crazy how fashion comes back around. $0 years after Woodstock, we are starting to wear the same things as the hippies did back then.

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