November 21, 2008


Jodhpur or not?
Some say they are tempted by the experimental looks and seduced by the 2008 version of trousers to ear on the thighs and thin ankles, others récrient and refuse to fall for the transfer of riding time made in Bollywood, even if it is labeled "fashion" ...
This is a true dilemma:
Should we ignore our knowledge and forget that the Jodhpur is not a real novelty, that we already traumatic to college and that since its special form has remained the same?

Should relegated to the depths of our mind that it will be presentable as gazelles filamentary and unknown to the world of small curves unsightly?Should relegated to the depths of our mind Should we hunt the insidious idea that attempts to convince us cup as his "big ears", the Jodhpur cleverly conceal a possible breeches horse?
Let me be clear, despite the fact that the Jodhpur make the cover of Elle, it is not for all!
However, marketing genius, or fashion challenge appetite for risk, the fact is that the Jodhpur, however unlikely it may be, has become a subject of obsession.
Detail positive note: the Jodhpur us what we slim prohibited to lack of place: pushing nonchalamment hands with deep pockets these famous volumes controversial.
Cavalli look first: look rock and roll biker, boosted by a Jodhpur electric blue, almost fluid. Wear boots slipped in a bit masculine. Combined with leather structured and inventive and treated as the most casual of slim, he passes well. Little more: the oversize scarf elegantly who flout the party blouse of Jodhpur.
The second look shows us that if the Jodhpur nears the minimalist black trousers, you must play neo-sophisticated.
The third look allows us to glimpse the limits of Jodhpur: associated with parts themselves innovative or extravagant, the Jodhpur loses little consistency he could acquire. The various elements of this look "Russian jet set" oppose rather than complement it.
It concludes that he will not play stylistic overload: If the work is extremely high, it is best to avoid marrying a Jodhpur seeing.
Balenciaga - somewhat different: the Jodhpur is, comes and assumes ... Why not? If we believed that the cup was magnifying Jodhpur, that tell of Jodhpur on white? Exclusively for girls ultra-thin, it is not crippling. Its small side jogging Adidas redesigned urban correct is not without charm, provided the bear with the hyper-structured and boots sober.
If we put aside our critical faculties and let us spill the impulsive fashionista who works on a heart-style irrational, it is said that the silhouette Balenciaga is a compendium of trends in the heart of this season, and that Jodhpur made in the part. Of course, there are many alternatives to this cuffed trousers of the 19th century, not to adopt is not a tragedy in itself. But our pride is stung to live: since when renowned parts imported we resist? Ready to face the challenge?
Nobody said it was easy...
What do you say, my darlings?


Mimi said...

I adore this look and on the catwalk they looked awesome but on me,well I'm really undecided.

Couture Carrie said...

Love them! Great post as usual, FM!