April 11, 2009

Dior Universe

The French House celebrates 60 years of fashion photography

When Carmen Snow, editor of Harper's Bazaar magazine, said Christian Dior back to 1947: "What a revolution, dear! Your clothing has opened a New Look", and diminished post-war Paris emerged with a new light. Dior then became a living legend, and her needle, in the most desired.

The French House celebrates 60 years of pictures, full of style and fashion, with an exhibition in Moscow. The luxury firm is closely linked to the great photographers and emerging talents. From the snapshots of stylish and demure dummies of the 50 suits with long skirts and narrow waists and voluminous, John Galliano to simulate riding an epic battle in a colorful mise en scene to celebrate his 10 years as a designer of the signature, 120 Photographs remind us of the universe Dior. A universe captured by Patrick Demarchelier, Henry Clarke, Simon Procter or the British artist Zanna. What's in the parades of haute couture, delicate items and jewelry inspired by high Asia, the backstage of the catwalk of Paris ... Nothing escapes its sensitivity.

It is no coincidence that Russia is the country chosen to host this exhibition. Dior and the former USSR have maintained close ties and influence from the early 50s. In 1959, the French couturier sent to Moscow for several models with 120 couture dresses for a first parade of the firm in the Russian capital. During three days, 11,000 people visited the famous Moscow club Les ailes du soviet seeing the collection. The pictures of that event we move to the golden age of fashion, where the silhouette of women will come and the clothes were incredibly feminine.

John Galliano paid tribute to Russia on numerous occasions. The spring 1998 collection for Dior couture took as leitmotiv the Russian ballet, while the spring-summer 2002 fashion shifted to the fascinating world ornamental gateway after a trip to the Russian Museum in St. Peter the Great Petersburg.
Image: Dior

Poster parade of the house in the Russian capital in 1959
Parade of Dior at the club 'Les Ailes Du Soviet' of Moscow, 1959.
The Chinese artist Quentin Shih photographed clothing collection winter 2008 haute couture of the firm in China.
The origin of Chinese photographer Wang Qingsong is their particular vision of the Last Supper. 'Nutrients C', 2008.
Erwin Blumenfeld for Vogue USA, 1949.
Femininity and elegance, the keys to the success of Dior, was moved to the Russian capital in 1959.
'Royal Galliano 03' by Simon Procter, 2007.
Henry Clarke for Vogue France, 1954.
John Galliano at another of the scenes of the photograph 'Royal Galliano 01' Simon Procter, 2007.
Models pose at the Red Square in Moscow in 1959.
Another snapshot of the Christian Dior fashion show in Moscow, 1959.
Patrick Demarchelier for the 2007 Pirelli calendar. The model wears a blazer eastern inspired collection for spring-summer 2007 haute couture.
Simon Procter portrayed John Galliano during his 10 years at the firm. 'Royal Galliano 01', 2007.
'Untitled 1' by Rong Rong & INRIA, 2008.
A model poses with the poster of the parade in Moscow, 1959.
A model poses in front of St. Basil's Cathedral on the occasion of the Dior fashion show in Moscow in 1959.
Zanna captured this image in the backstage of the parade of haute couture at Versailles in 2007, coinciding with the 60th anniversary of Dior.

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