June 2, 2009

FM Loves...

FM was tagged by the Fabulous Celebrater and gorgeous Fellow Fashionista Couture Carrie, to share 20 of Fashion Moment's Favourite Things! FM is focusing on the Fashion!
Fm doesn't want to forget to wishes CC to Stay 24-Hour Couture!
1. FM loves Fashion Pulse and all Fellow Fashionistas!
2. Little black dresses

3. Couture Life!

Daria Werbowy for Prada and shoot by Karl Lagerfeld for Dom Perignon

4. 'Sex on The Legs' and Tenon shoes
Giambattista Valli tenon shoes

5. Elegance - every day!
6. Perverse innocence - beautiful little cardigan!
7. Colorful jackets (Ralph Laurent)
8. Absolutely Fabulous Covers and Fashion Photography
Kate Moss for Vogue

9. White suits
Anja Rubik

10. Payama looks (Haider Ackermann)
11. 'Cigarette' pants and jeans (J Brand)
12. Jumpsuits and nude looks
13. Gorgeous maxi backless dresses
14. Jewelry clothing
15. Couture Fur
16. Wide legs
17. Erwin Olaf editorial and Mascarades Parties

18. Simple Beauty and Makeup
19. Laces details (Christian Lacroix)

20. Head accessorise: Hats, scarfs and turbans

And, FM has to put 21st lot - Fact : Proud to be Woman!
FM is tagging the following Fellow Fashionistas ~ and anyone else who is so inclined ~ to list their 20 favourite things:
~ Essence and Desire

~ This Chick's Got Style

~ Through The Looking Glass

~ Love Maegan

~ It's Unbeweavable

~ Beauty Standard

~ Absolutely Ladylike

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Elizabeth Marie said...

Hi darling! Thank you so much for tagging me! This will be a fun one!!

I love your picks...Daria, ELEGANCE at all times...perfect!

The Vogue cover with Kate Moss is just breathtaking.


Kristin said...

White suits and head accessories. Yesssssssssssss.

essence said...

Thank you very much dear! this post is so so so great!

Essenceanddesire loves...
Fashion Moment and Fashion Pulse!!!!!!!

kisses dear Ana

Sol said...

thanks for tagging me!
i'll post my answers tomorrow so i have some time to think about them ;)

Brigadeiro said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Love it all! :)

Anonymous said...

i love how your blog is displayed!
thanx for your commen!:)

Jenny said...

Wanted to say thank you so much for adding my blog to your lists! Adore yours, you have so many incredible picks! I think we have very similar taste.

fhen said...

thankyou dear :)
wow love all of your picks!
shiny jumpsuit, lbd, the shoes. all are adorable!

janettaylor said...

beautiful photos!


tourdeforce said...

love your blog and am now following it and linked it up on mine!!!! xoxo

tanya said...

Love your picks--I adore that all white outfit in one of them . . . SOOOOO chic :-)

Couture Carrie said...

Fantastic post, darling! And thanks for the shout-out!

I love your answers, especially "elegance, every day", the Giambattista Valli shoes, white suit, headdresses, and Couture! The accompanying pics are so perfect!


sandra said...

love this kind of 'girl power'! You have my absolute support!!

*box of style


Love your answers darling!...the last pic of the girls is adorable..."TAKE".

thischicksgotstyle said...

Thank you for tagging me dear!
I loved reading this, and the last picture is so cute, I'm actually watching satc right now hahah!


zupu said...

Such beautiful pics and great picks! LBD and that shoot of Karl Lagerfeld for Dom Perignon are my favorites!

i.d. said...

gorgeous list!

SOS! said...

love the makeup in the clown editorial.
xx-LJ from SOS!

Peter Breese said...

Great pics! However, I think that gent would experience some severe discomfort should the shoe get any closer to his groin :).

Diego R. Wyatt said...

Great picks! The tenon shoes looked phenomenal. I also love simple makeup as well as lace details.

Charmaine said...

Great selection of photos!! I loooove Daria.. she can do no wrong@!

Dane said...

I love the jumpsuits theyre beautiful!


Belle said...

Gorgeous picks sweetheart! I gave you an award on my latest post!! xxx

Anonymous said...

WOW cool stuffs!

proudly says, said...

all photos are glamorous!
i love all of them!

Jess Lynn said...

i love the Erwin Olaf editorial and Mascarades Parties that was an awesome pic. so lovely!!!
Love. X. JL


Molly said...

that hat is gorgeous :)

Macaron Treats ♥♥ said...

Guten Tag!
Your picks were devine!
Couldn't agree more with all of them!!


Mariam Ricci said...

i think your blog is awesome