June 1, 2009

Sweet dreams

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Natural and allure. So strong is Margherita Missoni in an exclusive interview for Vogue Spain.

The heir to a dynasty of Italian fashion world's most important, Margherita Missoni, revealed in an exclusive interview with Vogue Spain have become the keys to his style-natural, simple and cool, one of the most copied of the moment. Moreover, the small of Missoni unveils details of her childhood, the result of a curious mixture of great clan with Italian-mamma-including a bohemian atmosphere and full of artists of the time, which undoubtedly caused the small Margherita forge strong personality and cult of the now presumed.
Her passion for fashion but without the tempts, at least for now, to take the reins of the family firm, and its ambition to become an actress, especially plays, monopolized much of the interview to the small the Missoni. A faithful portrait of a girl whose view is well beyond the holidays, Sarah and trends. But succumb to them.

Eugenie Niarchos
Renaissance Madonna.
Crêpe dress over tricolor of Missoni
Green jungle. Dress of green silk belt and applications, both from Missoni
Aires sixties. Gray silk short dress with knitted elastic belt of Missoni
The world summary of Margherita Missoni six fetish objects
A small portion of the Missoni loves heels. Suede sandals by Christian Louboutin
The jewelry is another of her passions. Gold and stone bracelet, Bulgari
Eugenie Niarchos ring for Repossi
by Gabriel García Márquez
A Margherita loves tea. Sakura Green Tea
via vogue.es


Brigadeiro said...

Margherita is SO gorgeous, love her style! :)

Anonymous said...


Nemerae said...

I've always loved that tricolor dress... *.*

vorega badalamenti said...

she's so stunning.. love it love it

Kristin said...

Such a beautiful post. She oozes style!

Anonymous said...

She is stunning and I love her hair! Perfect. I also just added both your links! :)

xo, Becs

Couture Carrie said...

Love this glimpse, darling! She must have had the most amazing childhood!


essenceanddesire said...

Gorgeous!!!!!! I love Margherita.
Your updates are always wonderful, flawless, sublime! thanks for your comments makes me very happy that you are in my blog,



She's absolutely lovely and a perfect ambassador of this great family brand.

Emz said...

Gorgeous! I love her hair and Missoni is sooo fantastic.

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

she is absolutely flawless, such a great style inspiration

black vanilla rose said...

simple yet cool indeed... her hair is amazing xxx

Tess said...

love everything... if only i was a millionaire!