March 19, 2009

From Backstages:

My Bag is a Big Girl!

Prada, 3.1 Phillip Lim

Anna Sui, Bottega Veneta

Burberry Prorsum


Derek Lam, Chanel


Emilio Pucci, Diane Von Furstenberg

Fendi, Giorgio Armani

Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier

Gucci Resort, Gucci

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Marni

Max Mara, Michael Kors

Prada, Proenza Schouler

FM's Favourite bag by Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang


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tanya said...

Yeah, baby, the bigger the better!! :-) I'll take ALL of these, please.

janettaylor said...


I adore huge bag! Trendy, practical, comfy......

xoxo: Janet

jopeana said...

I love the back stage and I love big bags, so I love this post, has it all!!!

I Like Stuff said...

We're all going to break our backs carrying around bags like these...but they're sooooo cuuuuute!

Couture Carrie said...

I adore huge bags - your favorite is mine as well: Ralph Lauren! Also love Givenchy!

CC Maegan said...

gucci is to die for.

kaitlyn said...

burberry burberry burberry forever.

Miss Eve Bognar said...

Love them but I think it's really suits for tall women :-)

Yajahira said...

ohh my god!! Cuantos bolsos!!

Chloé said...

Hey I'm french, so sorry if I don't speak english very well, but I love your pictures. It's a great selection !!
Have a nice week-end =) See you

le neko said...

i love big bags, you can pu everything you want hehe !

maud said...

Imogen's the cutest ! I don't like huge bags as I'm already too messy, but it looks good nontheless !!


I Like Stuff said...

Backstage/beauty shots are always my favorite parts of browsing's runway coverage. I don't know why...I guess I just like to see how it all goes down behind-the-scenes.

Hemaly said...

The Chanel guitar bag is so funny. It's an easy way to fool some gutiart-loving boys. :)

Jojo said...

Oh I love all things sheer with that romantic trend....dreamy..

Join the Gossip said...

Those are some BIG bags!